Nano Comics -Third Generation

They're back, as curious as ever!!!

Nano comics

It is with pleasure that we present the new/old series, gen3 Nano Comics. Click on the images to enlarge them. 



A Whale of a Cloud, in which Mega finds clouds to be bigger today than in Darwin's time,


Ants at Work, in which the gang observes how ants organize to move heavy objects and avoid danger,


Reinvention, in which both scientists and pop idols work on self-renewal, 


Bring Back the Bowtie, in which a fashion statement comes back as a way to control quantum particles, 


Calling Jupiter!, in which we learn that life can't exist on Jupiter (or can it?), but the giant planet still has a lot to teach us,


Time for Oxygen, in which Mega suffers from jet lag and scientists suggest a simple way to help,


Have a Pleasant Flight, in which seeing how "green lungs" in a forest renew themselves after a fire remind Mega and Nano that scientists are working to do the same for the lungs in our bodies,


Seeing the Forest for the Trees, in which the gang goes to the forest only to get hit with pine cones,

Men vs Women in which the women's team wins a basketball game


All for One and One for All, in which Nano decides to do things his own way 


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