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The Staff

Weizmann Wonder Wander Credits

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Editor: Yivsam Azgad
Assistant Editors: Ido Eitan, Judy Halper 

Science Writers: Ido Eitan, Judy Halper, Michelle Koragi-Dror, Luba Vikhanski

General Writers: Ariela Saba, Nicole Scott
Digital and Social Media Manager: Michelle Koragi-Dror
Team Members: Yivsam Azgad, Rickey Benjamin, Yael Edelman, Ilana Eisen, Ido Eitan, Judy Halper, Michelle Koragi-Dror, Naama Pesso, Ariela Saba, Nicole Scott, Luba Vikhanski, and Vered Shattenstein

Text Editor: Evelyn Katrak, Deborah Schwartz

Website Design: FatFish
Special Thanks: Temporary staff members, colleagues and friends who facilitated and contributed to the launch of this website

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