New Light on the Solid State
Some of the fastest light pulses ever take on solid materials
smelling roses in sleep
A unique sleep experiment to uncover brain activity comes up smelling of...
Not Just Infection: Pregnant Women’s Immune Response to a Virus May Affect Fetal Brain Cells
In a study in mice, the mother’s natural anti-viral proteins disrupted the...
When the NXF1 gene functions properly, RNA of a single-exon gene is exported
Cells use two separate routes to export RNA out of the nucleus
African students
Two guest students from Africa: Grace and Talitha
Cancer “Helpers” Come in Different Types
Supporting actors in cancer growth may help predict the course of the...
Fluorescent image of artificial cells on a chip. The differences in genetic composition between cells produced the different colors, which reveal stages in building parts of a virus
The Weizmann Institute of Science group demonstrated the production of...
lung cancer tissue
Matching drugs to tumors may lead to personalized treatment and new...
Heat-resistance tags on bacterial RNA hold clues to human diseases
Schwartz_Reisman students and teacher
The Schwartz/Reisman Science Education Center in Rehovot is teaching high...
Lamarck in Darwin
When fast and slow evolution happen together, the results defy the rules
What the Fish Heart Knows
Researchers uncover a see-through secret to heart repair
Can't See the Fungi for the Trees: The Forest's Hidden Helpers
Underground fungal networks transfer carbon between neighboring trees,...
The Magnetic History of Ice
The findings could help us understand the history of other bodies in our...
Rafat Qubaja
Dr. Rafat Qubaja's work on campus trees shows even small groves can help...
RNAs Take a Plunge
A shower of hyperpolarized water opens new avenues for the NMR study of...
La Rinconada
A new study will assess the effects of low oxygen on the human body’s...

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