Science on Tap 2019

For the Tenth Year in Tel Aviv

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Science on Tap 2019

When: Wednesday, June 12, at 8:30 pm. Dozens of top scientists and outstanding research students from the Weizmann Institute of Science will be in 51 bars in Tel Aviv to talk with the patrons. Their subjects will be open scientific questions that are being addressed on the cutting edge of world science.

For example: How do plants reach decisions? Do androids dream of multi-dimensional sheep? What is the brain’s complex relationship with the future? Will we ever be able to record and send smells? What are brain waves? What is objectivity? Is there such a thing as an Internet identity that can be trusted? And what does this mean for the future of democracy? Can a computer fall in love? Why go to Antarctica to make the invisible visible? How can we slow aging? Can we know, before smelling it, whether an odor will be pleasant? Why do we still not understand the Universe? How can we set our biological clocks to function in the modern age? What, really, are the secrets of the matrix?

The talks will be given in Hebrew. A talk in English will be given by Akiva Rappaport on “Unraveling the Circuits of the Brain” at Molly Bloom’s, Hayarkon St. See details below.

Science and the city: The Weizmann Institute of Science has a mission to share scientific knowledge and the excitement and adventure we experience when we expand the boundaries of human understanding. This is the tenth time that Weizmann Institute scientists have ventured into the Tel Aviv scene, and the 14th such event in the country. The first of its kind in Israel, the “On Tap” formula has since been copied by numerous organizations in Israel and around the world.

Science on Tap is organized in conjunction with Time Out Tel Aviv, the Tel Aviv municipality and the HEMDA school in Tel Aviv.

For more information:, or  call 972-8-934-3856.

The following lecture will be conducted in English:


Akiva RappaportUnraveling the circuits of the brain

Akiva Rappaport

Molly Blooms מולי בלומס Hayarkon (accessible)

Mendele Mokher Sfarim St 2, Corner of Hayarkon St. 100, Tel Aviv-Yafo



How do we perceive sensory information (e.g. a tap on the shoulder) differently under different conditions? How is that connected to the balance between the activity of excitatory and inhibitory neurons in the brain? And how that is connected to epilepsy, comas, autism, schizophrenia and other neurological disorders?


Click on the following link for the list of lectures in Hebrew