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Weizmann Women's Net Ball Team

Second place in the region, with dreams of winning in Eilat

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(l-r) Stnading: Veronica Negru, Prof. Ron Blonder, Osnat Amram, Raquel Zivov, Dr. Galia Maik-Rachline, Daria Apelbaum, Talia Chen-Gedassi, and Anna Tatarin.  Kneeling: Tehila Hershkoviz, Ira Krasik, Hila Gerafi-Shitrit, Ofira Higfa, Dr. Shelley Rap, and Shira Ilan

Only four years after its inception, the Weizmann Institute women’s net ball team sealed another victory, bringing home the second place trophy once again from the Association of Sports League “Shfela” district competition.  The regional competition between teams located in Rehovot area, which takes place annually between teams from the business sector was created to cultivate a culture of sports in the workplace. The Weizmann team was one of the final four teams out of seven in this year’s competition to battle for first, second and third place trophies June 26, 2017 at the Barzilai Sports Center in Rehovot. 

The fourteen member Weizmann team of women who range in age from 30 to 55 – and consists of students, administrators and even professors – has worked diligently to overcome a number of obstacles, including an insufficient number of players.

“It has been very difficult to build the team. In the beginning we had over 20 members. You have to make a commitment and be able to make practices and games,” says Hila Gerafi, the team manager and former captain prior to going on maternity leave.

In spite of the team’s challenges, including replacing the coach every year, it has experienced a consistent level of success and managed to cultivate an enjoyable atmosphere.

“Thanks to the team, we have been privileged to meet and make new connections with other women who work at the Institute,” Gerafi added. With the financial support of the Weizmann Institute the members hope to expand their future achievements to compete in the national competition that takes place in Eilat.

“We want to win first place. This is the dream,” she says. 

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