Prof. Samuel Safran


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Prof. Samuel Safran Vice President

Prof. Samuel Safran is a physicist who works with chemists, biologists and other physicists to understand the structure and organization of soft matter and biomaterials. He joined the Weizmann Institute in 1990 as a professor in the Department of Materials and Interfaces, served as Dean of the Feinberg Graduate School for six years, beginning in 1995, and was appointed Vice President of the Institute in December 2001. He is the author of a widely noted graduate-level textbook on the physics of interfaces and membranes (recently translated into Japanese) and has also edited and contributed to numerous other volumes. He was elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society and is a member of the American Chemical Society, the Materials Research Society and the European Physical Society. He is the first incumbent of the Fern and Manfred Steinfeld Professorial Chair.