The Weizmann Institute of Science (hereinafter: “the Institute”) respects the privacy of the users of this website, which is being managed and operated by the Institute (hereinafter: “the Website”). The conditions outlined hereunder specify the Website's privacy policy.

1. The Institute may require the users of the Website to complete a registration procedure in order to allow browsing of the Website, which shall include information identifying users, as well as additional details, at the Institute's discretion. If a user shall not furnish such required data, it will not be allowed to browse the Website and/or a portion thereof, as the Institute shall decide from time to time.
2. The details furnished when registering for the Website shall be safeguarded in the Institute’s database (hereinafter: “the Database”). According to applicable law, you do not have to furnish any information; however, as stated above, without furnishing such information, you will be unable to use the Website’s services, in whole or in part.
3. The Institute shall be allowed to require renewal of the registration and/or details in relation thereto, at its sole discretion.
4. According to applicable law, a user is entitled to peruse its own personal data being retained in the Database, to request to revise its registration or to request its deletion from the Database. Should you wish to do so, please contact the Division of Information System of the Institute during working hours, by e-mail
5. The Institute, at its sole discretion, may prevent access to the Website in the event of unlawful use, or in any other instance of abuse and/or unlawful harm and/or false and/or negligent registration to the Website, without derogating from any other remedy available to the Institute by law.
6. The Institute uses generally accepted information-security technologies and operating procedures on the Website. Nonetheless, unauthorized access to the Databases is not soundproof, and the user hereby waives any claim and/or allegation against the Institute in this regard.
7. The Institute or any party acting on its behalf shall be allowed to make the following uses of the Database, and the browser hereby allows the Institute to perform the following operations:
7.1. to send e-mails to the user, which shall include updates about the Website and/or about registration for the Website and/or about other details relevant to browsing of the Website. The user may request to be removed from this service by sending an e-mail to;

7.2. to conduct statistical research on browsing habits and characteristics. Such studies shall be conducted without the user’s personal information and/or identifying characteristics;

7.3. to forward information accumulated in the Database to third parties, provided that such information shall not include personal information that might identify the user, such as names and addresses, apart from instances whereby a judicial order instructs the Institute to deliver such information to a third party and/or for the purpose of clarifying a dispute or allegation concerning your use of the Website in respect whereof disclosure of your personal information is required;

7.4. to make any other use in accordance with applicable law and/or the user’s agreements made when registering to the Website, all as the Institute shall deem fit.
8. The user hereby declares and acknowledges that, upon performing any operations relating to registration to the Website, the Institute shall be allowed to implant text and content files into its computer (“cookies”) in order to improve the speed and efficiency of the user’s use of the Website, and for the purpose of collecting statistical data. The user may delete these files from its hard disc at any time.
9. The Institute reserves its right to revise its customary privacy policy from time to time, with the effective date of the new policy being the date of its publication on the Website.