Science on Tap 2017


An influential initiative, creating a new urban culture that has been adopted around the globe – presented by Yivsam Azgad, Spokesman and Curator of the Weizmann Institute of Science, ISRAEL

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Monday, 15 May 2017, 20:30

Science on Tap


What is it? About 60 leading scientists and outstanding PhD students appear – on the same day, same hour - in bars and cafes around the city for informal talks with the patrons on the open scientific questions in their fields, on the sense of discovery, and on life on the “frontier” of science.

Are there parallel realities? Do dark energy and dark matter rule the Universe? How did life originate? Can we build a brain? Is nuclear fusion the solution to our energy problems? What do we mean by “personalized medicine?” Why do stars explode? Are we truly made of stardust? These are just a few of the questions that the scientists discuss.

Creating new ideals of entertainment: Yivsam Azgad, the initiator and producer of the project says: “The Weizmann Institute of Science is committed to sharing its scientific knowledge and the excitement that accompanies the adventure of expanding human knowledge. In the six years since the project began, Science on Tap has been a resounding success. It has been imitated both in Israel and around the world, and not just by science groups: economists, law researchers and others have adopted the ‘on tap’ model.”

Collaboration: Each year a group of artists joins the scientists in presenting art that touches on scientific ideas: actors, poets, writers and so on.

Concept: To present dozens of talks on science all at the same time, same day. The city becomes, for one evening, a “city of knowledge.” From the posters on the city’s main roads to the “buzz” to the thousands of people streaming to bars to hear talks, science is on tap. There is no extra charge for the talks. 


The following lecture will be conducted in English:

Dr. Tom BielikHmmm, that’s strange...
Making sense of real-life phenomena

Dr. Tom Bielik
Abraham Hostel, 21 Levontin St., Tel Aviv-Yafo – 03-6249200 

Here come the latest trends in science education: How can we engage in science by using a Project-Based Learning approach? What is the connection between bacteria, nail polish remover, and the president of the state of Israel?