Science for the Young

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Today, scientific literacy is a critical decision-making tool.
The Institute's Science Teaching Department plays a key role in the national effort to raise the level of science education for Israel's junior and senior students in both Hebrew- and Arabic-speaking schools.
Efforts range from new curricula, textbooks, journals, games, kits, and computer materials to in-service teacher training.
Extracurricular science enrichment is handled by the Institute's Youth Activities Section, Young@Science, whose programs reach out to 30,000 young participants annually with workshops for classes, math-by-mail exchanges, a national math olympiad, physics tournaments, a computer programming competition, after-school science activities, popular science lectures and an astronomy club. Young@Science also organizes campus visits including interactive fun at the Garden of Science – a collection of outdoor dynamic exhibits on the Institute grounds – and maintains a website that is regularly visited by young people around the country.
Gifted Israeli students take part in the annual Youth Science Workshop and overseas students vie for places in the exciting annual precollege International Summer Science Institute.
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