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Project C.A.M.P. in Tamra. Science in action


Project C.A.M.P. (a Hebrew acronym for Active Science Groups) – of the Davidson Institute of Science Education – uses science education as a tool to empower and enhance the behavior and self-image of underprivileged high school students who have dropped out of the formal educational system. It has recently commenced activities in the Israeli Arab city of Tamra, situated in the western Galilee.


The formal opening ceremony was attended by both the Mayor of Tamra and the city’s Director of Education.
Special arrangements, including recruiting and training a team of local staff and translating the teaching material from Hebrew to Arabic, were required. Program Head Dr. Oved Kedem, Program Coordinator Oren Eckstien, personnel from the Davidson Institute and local students who participate in the Davidson Institute’s Perach Tutorial Project all contributed to the preparations.
Project C.A.M.P. is supported by the HILA program of the Ministry of Education and the Israel Association of Community Centers.