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Davidson Institute of Science Education

(l-r) Noa Brendel and Avital Sandler of the Aharon Katzir High School working to perfect their final project

High school students learn to invent by creating unworkable  models and reverse engineering them

TEDx WeizmannInstitute

Scientists, science educators and students will be speaking at the conference

The Israeli Math Olympiad Team. Top: (l-r) Ofer Grossman, Nitzan Tur, Omri Solan, Amotz Oppenheim, Yoav Kraus andTom Kalvari. Bottom: Coaches Dan Carmon, Ilya Gringlaz and Lev Radzivilovsky

Israeli teens ranked 13th among 97 countries

Feinberg Graduate School

Graduates of the program will continue to work with the Institute on new educational initiatives.

Full Lunar Eclipse at the Clore Garden of Science


This Wednesday evening, June 15, the Clore Garden of Science will be open from 21:00 for a viewing of the lunar...

The Davidson Institute of Science Education

Intensive training starts today at the Davidson Institute of Science Education. To raise the achievements of the Israeli team,...

Why are Stars Spherical?
It is true that most stars are spherical, but there are also some that are ‎‎“squashed”, and...
Forgotten Breakthroughs - Women Scientists

The geneticist who saved the citrus industry from collapse, the researcher who ‎was involved...

The Deadly Mechanism of Amyloids
Technion researchers have found an important discovery about the process ‎through which a...
The Real Lungs of the Earth
Phytoplankton are microscopic sea creatures that stand at the bottom of the marine food chain,...