Israeli Team Takes Medals in Math Olympiad


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The Israeli Math Olympiad Team. Top: (l-r) Ofer Grossman, Nitzan Tur, Omri Solan, Amotz Oppenheim, Yoav Kraus andTom Kalvari. Bottom: Coaches Dan Carmon, Ilya Gringlaz and Lev Radzivilovsky

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The team that represented Israel at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Santa Marta, Colombia, has won six medals – one gold, three silver and two bronze. The Israeli team was ranked 13th among 97 participating countries.

Team members are “graduates” of national olympiads held at the Davidson Institute of Science Education, the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science: the Joseph Gillis National Math Olympiad for high school and the Zuta Math Olympiad for junior high school students. The team took part in a two-week training camp in early June, as well as in training sessions held over the three months that preceded the competition. They were coached by Lev Radzivilovsky, together with Prof. Dmitry Novikov of the Weizmann Institute’s Mathematics Department.

Omri Solan of the Rishonim High School in Herzliya was the gold medal winner, and he was ranked fifth out of 45 gold medal winners. Amotz Oppenheim of the Shevah Mofet High School in Tel Aviv, Nitzan Tur of the Alliance – Kol Israel Haverim High School in Haifa, and Tom Kalvari of the Kfar Hayarok High School were silver medalists. Yoav Kraus of the Ephraim Katzir High School in Holon, and Ofer Grossman received bronze medals.

At last year’s Olympiad in Argentina, the Israeli team was ranked 31st, having won four medals – three silver and one bronze – and an honorary mention.
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