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origami on math day

One day in August was dedicated to math for 60 young math lovers


“Proper Self-Similar Triangle Tiling,” a demanding exercise in drawing and coloring, casts a modern light on an ancient problem

Dr. Ronen Eldan

Unexpected connections may help simplify the math of complex systems

Clearing the Path

A website developed at the Weizmann Institute encourages people to go out and clean up

filmed math lesson

Filmed lessons help teachers learn from one another

(l-r) Profs. Dmitry Novikov and Sergei Yakovenko, and Dr. Gal Binyamini. Illustration: Gil Gibli

Institute mathematicians stretch a solution to an outstanding problem to the “limit”

The Israeli Math Olympiad Team. Top: (l-r) Ofer Grossman, Nitzan Tur, Omri Solan,  Amotz Oppenheim, Yoav Kraus andTom Kalvari. Bottom: Coaches Dan Carmon, Ilya Gringlaz and Lev Radzivilovsky

Israeli teens ranked 13th among 97 countries

Prof. Omri Sarig

Prof. Omri Sarig was awarded the Morris L. Levinson Prize in Mathematics

Prof. Victor Zalgaller

At age 80, Prof. Victor Zalgaller dreamed the proof for a geometrical theorem

Associations between bacterial species in the gut microbiota of “humanized” mice. A spring graph in which nodes correspond to significant relationships between “species”-level, and edges correspond to the top 300 nonlinear relationships. Node size is proportional to the number of these relationships between species relationships, black edges represent relationships explained by diet, and node glow color is proportional to the fraction of adjacent edges that are black (100% is red, 0% is blue)

From data sets to love – a pair of math students make the connections