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Prof. Victor Zalgaller

At age 80, Prof. Victor Zalgaller dreamed the proof for a geometrical theorem

Associations between bacterial species in the gut microbiota of “humanized” mice. A spring graph in which nodes correspond to significant relationships between “species”-level, and edges correspond to the top 300 nonlinear relationships. Node size is proportional to the number of these relationships between species relationships, black edges represent relationships explained by diet, and node glow color is proportional to the fraction of adjacent edges that are black (100% is red, 0% is blue)

From data sets to love – a pair of math students make the connections

Drs. Anna and Dmitry Gourevitch. Love and math

Dr. Dmitry Gourevitch is fascinated by a field of highly abstract mathematics

Prof. Yosef Yomdin

Prof. Yosef Yomdin took first place in the Siberia Mathematics Olympics in 1965, at age 16

Just Joking, Seriously

A failed chemistry experiment at age 10 turned Prof. Sergei Yakovenko toward mathematics

The Weizac Days

When Gerald Estrin arrived at the Weizmann Institute in the late 1940s, he learned he was expected to direct the building of...

The Mathematical Tourist: Weizmann Institute Hosts Students from C.I.S.
REHOVOT, Israel - October 13, 1997 - An elite group of high-school mathematics students from the former...
Institute Mathematicians Define Economic Paradox

A new mathematical model can predict a paradox -- whether the demand for a product will increase when its price rises