Facts and Figures



  • 250 different research groups are headed by senior scientists and professors. At any one time around 1,200 research projects are being conducted at the Institute. There are 1,076 research students and 380 postdoctoral fellows.
  • The Institute has five faculties: Mathematics and Computer Science,Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology.
  • These are divided into 18 academic departments. In addition to these is the Feinberg Graduate School.
  • The operating budget of the Weizmann Institute are a little over NIS 1 billion. Total sales of products and technologies based on Institute research was over $21 billion this past year.
  • The campus covers an area of 1.1 sq km (280 acres). There are over 100 buildings.
  • Gardens make up 380,00 sq m (94 acres) of the Institute grounds. This includes 150,000 sq m (37 acres) of lawns, 180,000 sq m (44 acres) of 750 kinds of shrubs and 30,000 sq m (7 acres) of orchard.
  • Around 1,300 trees of 108 kinds grow on campus.

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