Water Fun

How do you launch a water rocket? How do you get a flower to bloom? Why don't fish freeze in winter? The Weizmann Institute's Clore Garden of Science, under the aegis of the Davidson Institute, dedicated the whole of the past year's summer activities and festivities to the subject of water. Visitors to the Garden could, among other things, discover why ice floats in water, how to separate colors using water, check what happens when pepper and soap mix in water, and receive tips and useful advice on how to save water. All of these workshops, experiments, and informative and entertaining demonstrations were orchestrated by the Garden's team of guides and employees. Joining in the wet festivities was the EcoSphere – the Clore Garden of Science's unique ecological glass-enclosed dome – in addition to the Garden's long-standing exhibits such as the Wave Pool, Archimede's Screw and the Solar Fountain.
The exhibition "We Found Water!" by Israeli photographer Dubi Roman was also on display in the Clore Garden of Science for a limited period.