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The new Weizmann Debate Club will enhance important life skills and career opportunities

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Yoni Cohen-Idov, World Debating Champion

A new debate club – the first of its kind at the Weizmann Institute – has been established as part of the Feinberg Graduate School’s Career Development program, thanks to the initiative of PhD student Chen Attias of the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Department, in joint effort with Prof. Avraham Yaron of the Biomolecular Sciences Department.

“The main aim of the Weizmann Debate Club is to provide students the opportunity to develop important skills, such as analytical and critical thinking, building persuasive arguments, conveying messages and public speaking, which will not only aid them in their day-to-day lives, but will also prove paramount in their scientific careers,” says Attias.

Chen Attias, Weizmann Debate Club President

Israel’s Debating Champion and professional coach, Alon Cohen, and European Universities Debating Champion Stav Singer will deliver the sessions, together with guest lecturers Yoni Cohen-Idov, World Debating Champion, and Maya Kindler, a senior debate coach and acting instructor.

The launch event was attended by four world debate champions who presented a live demonstration to the students; and Yoni Cohen-Idov delivered a talk on “How to find the most important and relevant arguments, and how to pitch your idea in a minute.”

World debate champions presenting a live demonstration


Alon Cohen: “I am very excited to open the debate club in Israel's leading research institute. As the coach, I have two objectives: helping scientists convey their messages and pitch their ideas in a coherent and charismatic manner; and secondly, integrating Weizmann’s debate society in the Israeli debate league and hopefully, in the future, in the international circuit.

More information can be found on the Debate and Public Speaking page of the Feinberg Graduate School’s website.