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Feinberg Graduate School

Class of 2021

105 Doctorates and 181 Masters were conferred this year by the Feinberg Graduate School at the Weizmann Institute of Science. The occasion was...

Feinberg Graduates Off to a New Start in an Uncertain World

"You have tools from the frontier of human knowledge that will enable you to contribute to improving the situation"

The Weizmann Institute of Science is Offering Emergency Fellowships for Israeli Postdocs Affected by COVID-19

The Institute has set aside a million dollars in matching funds to help young researchers get through a critical stage in their scientific careers...

We Have Chemistry! And It Will Triumph over this Virus

A high-school competition final event and graduate classes required the development of special platforms 

Chinese Students Extend Their Stay

They found a welcoming place when they could not get back to China

Taking about food

A course in biomaterials gets students to investigate the ones around them

Weizmann Debate Club

The new Weizmann Debate Club will enhance important life skills and career opportunities

Prof. Irit Sagi (center) and Smart-Up campers

While enjoying science camp, the students bring the two countries closer

Non-invasive image from the bioimaging center showing blood (red) and lymphatic (green) vessels that were induced to grow by, and in tum facilitate progression of a growing tumor (blue).The ability of tumors to induce local expansion of blood and lymphatic vessels is a critical step in tumor progression and metastatic spread. Targeting these vessels provides an important strategy for novel anti-cancer treatment. Image courtesy Prof. Michal Neeman
New initiatives and construction at the Weizmann Institute