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Feinberg Graduate School

Jacob Guedalia and family. Physics and business

Jacob Guedalia, 32, is Vice President of Business Development at Live Picture, Inc., a leading Internet imaging firm

Growth Factor

Prof. Yosef Yarden, the new Dean of the Biology Faculty, investigates cellular "amplifiers" that facilitate...

Feinberg Graduate School's annual graduation ceremony at the Weizmann Institute of Science
REHOVOT, Israel - June 3, 1997 - A record number of master's degrees and a large number of doctorates were...
Record Number of Doctoral Degrees Conferred

Haim Tsubery is one of 169 students to be awarded a degree from the Feinberg Graduate School

Feinberg Graduate School's annual graduation ceremony held on the Weizmann Institute
REHOVOT, Israel -- June 4, 1996 -- A record number of doctoral degrees was conferred at the Feinberg Graduate School's annual...
An Interview with Prof. Sam Safran

Prof. Samuel Safran, new Dean of the Feinberg Graduate School: "It is stimulating for scientists to look at real-world...

Dr. Jacob Vaya

Dr. Jacob Vaya, an industrial chemist, is taking a sabbatical at the Institute to develop new essences