Record Number of Doctoral Degrees Conferred



Haim Tsubery, Feinberg graduate, and family
Home-grown talent. Ramat Gan-born Haim Tsubery (M. Sc. in Organic Chemistry) with his wife, Merav and son, Nadav. Tsubery is one of this year's 169 Feinberg Graduate School degree recipients


More doctoral degrees than ever before were conferred by the Institute's Feinberg Graduate School this year. Eighty-seven Ph.D.'s were awarded -- the highest number since the graduate school was founded in 1958 -- as well as a large number of M.Sc. degrees. Seventeen of the M.Sc.'s and 13 of the Ph.D.'s went to graduates from the former Soveit Union, a result of the school's recent expansion to accomodate promising immigrant students. Reflecting the School's international ethos (nearly 15 percent of the student body hail from abroad), this year's degree recipients included graduates from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Korea, People's Republic of China, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States.

In a recent interview, Prof. Samuel Safran, Dean of the Feinberg Graduate School, commented: "The presence of foreign students is highly beneficial for the Israelis on campus. Students are an excellent medium for international collaborative projects, and they bring with them fresh viewpoints and research methods particular to their countries.