Prof. Lia Addadi


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Prof. Lia Addadi Dean, Chemistry Faculty

Prof. Lia Addadi completed her Ph.D. in structural chemistry at the Weizmann Institute in 1979. Her research interests include biomineralization, pathological crystallizations, molecular recognition in protein-crystal interactions, antibody-crystal interactions, and the molecular mechanism of cell adhesion. Research in these fields may further the understanding and treatment of diseases associated with crystals, such as kidney stones, arthritis and atherosclerosis. In 2001, she was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry as well as first Head of the Ilse Katz Institute for Material Sciences and Magnetic Resonance Research. Her numerous awards include the Prelog Medal in Stereochemistry in 1998 by the ETH (Federal Polytechnic Institute, Zurich, Switzerland). Prof. Addadi holds the Dorothy and Patrick E. Gorman Professorial Chair.