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Lia Addadi

Prof. Lia Addadi

Prof. Lia Addadi is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the ETH, Zurich

cholesterol crystals

How does a helpful substance like cholesterol turn deadly? 


The optics of a unique underwater visual system are revealed

Prof. Lia Addadi

Prof. Lia Addadi

The green fluorescent label maps the distribution of calcium in sea urchin larvae. The label shows the elongated mineralized spicules and vesicles with large amounts of calcium

How do creatures like sea urchins take up the calcium they need to build hard structures? 

All Together Now

How do animal embryos take up all the calcium they need to build skeletons, shells or spines?

Prof. Hasan Dweik of Al-Quds University (left), Dr. Ami Shalit, Director of the Feinberg Graduate School (left, upper row) and students from Al-Quds and Weizmann, participants in the Social Sciences and Humanitarian Affairs Master’s Program of the Sapienza University of Rome, at the Weizmann Institute of Science several years ago

Israeli and Arab scientists meet over chemistry

Memorial Plaza on the Weizmann Institute campus

Ancient history is preserved underfoot in the Institute's Memorial Plaza

Prof. Lia Addadi

Prof. Lia Addadi was re-elected to serve a further term as Dean of the Feinberg Graduate School and Head of the Aharon Katzir-Katchalski Center...