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Vice President, Technology Transfer, Prof. Mordechai Sheves

Prof. Mordechai Sheves received both master’s and doctoral degrees in chemistry from the Weizmann Institute.

He joined the Institute faculty in 1981, after completing postdoctoral research at Columbia University and, aside from a year’s residence at the University of Illinois as a visiting professor in the Biophysics Department, has been at the Institute ever since.

Prof. Sheves is a world leader in the study of photoreceptors (cells in the eye that absorb light) and the molecular processes involved in vision. He served as Head of the Chemical Studies Committee of the Feinberg Graduate School, as Head of Chemical Research Support and as Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry from 2004 to 2007, when he was appointed Vice President for Technology Transfer. Prof. Sheves is the incumbent of the Katzir-Makineni Professorial Chair in Chemistry.