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Mordechai Sheves

electrons tunnel in protein

Uncovering quantum effects in the molecules in our bodies may lead to future biotech developments

Prof. Mordechai Sheves

Prof. Mordechai Sheves,
Vice President,...

Prof. Mordechai Sheves

Prof. Mordechai Sheves was appointed Vice President for Technology Transfer and Chairman of Yeda.

Bacteriorhodopsin-containing microorganisms give these evaporation ponds near San Francisco their color
A bacterial protein for absorbing sunlight turns out conduct electricity much better than it should
Prof. Mordechai Sheves
Prof. Mordechai...
Structure of a retinal protein (purple) and its key co-worker (blue)

It was long believed that the rotation of the "retinal molecule" was the first stage in vision. However, Prof. Mordechai Sheves of the Weizmann...

Seeing the Light

A light-absorbing protein in the retina changes shape faster than the blink of an eye

Weizmann Institute-Led Project Receives Center of Excellence Grant
REHOVOT, Israel -- October 20, 1996 -- A Center of Excellence research grant has been awarded to a project being coordinated by a...