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Prof. Yosef Nir, Dean, Physics Faculty

Prof. Yosef (Yossi) Nir served as an Israel Air Force pilot before earning his Ph.D. in physics from the Weizmann Institute. Following postdoctoral studies at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, he joined the Weizmann Institute faculty in 1990.

Nir conducts theoretical studies in high-energy physics. His research concerns the Standard Model, a theory of the building blocks of matter and their interactions, and his subjects include neutrinos, supersymmetric models, CP violation and antimatter. He is the coauthor of a popular physics book and has been a visiting scientist at a number of leading research centers around the world.

He has served as Head of the Appointments and Promotions Committee. In 2008, he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Physics. Prof. Nir holds the Amos de-Shalit Chair of Theoretical Physics.