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Yosef Nir

woman looking at the stars

A recent international conference suggests things are moving in the right direction

Prof. Yosef Nir

Prof. Yosef Nir

Prof. Yosef...

Making the video: (l-r) Johnny Goldstein and Ivri Lider at the top of the Institute's Koffler Accelerator

Weizmann Institute’s physics alumni reunion gives rise to a new video clip, in an unusual collaboration between Institute physicists and the pop...

Students and graduates mark 35 years of the Amos de-Shalit Summer School programs. Uniting generations
35 years of De-Shalit summer programs
Prof. Yosef Nir

Prof. Yosef Nir, Dean of the Weizmann Institute’s Faculty of Physics, looks at the picture of matter in the universe and sees that “something”...

Prof. Yosef Nir

Prof. Yosef Nir is the new incumbent of the Amos de-Shalit Chair of Theoretical Physics.