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Prof. Bat-Sheva Eylon


Being a fully engaged member of modern society requires a fair amount of general scientific knowledge. Prof. Bat-Sheva Eylon, Head of the Weizmann Institute’s Science Teaching Department, seeks to provide Israeli youth with the tools for succeeding in the age of knowledge.

“Since the 21st century is marked by rapid developments, citizens of the future must learn continuously throughout their lives in order to ride the waves of changing reality with success.”

Eylon designs educational programs that develop learning capabilities; involve science, research and industry; connect the science to everyday life and show the students that science is relevant, dynamic, compelling and often even exciting. She also cultivates talented youth who might choose a career in science or technology if exposed to appropriate challenges, and she continuously promotes the professional development of science teachers. Through these three channels, she hopes to ensure that Israel continues to thrive socially, intellectually and economically.


Why Israel? Why Weizmann?

“I’m an only child of Holocaust survivors from Hungary. My parents, having survived the ordeal, taught me that Israel is our only home. My husband was born and lived the first years of his life in Jerusalem under siege during the War of Independence. His mother was taken to the delivery room on Mt. Scopus in an armored vehicle. These experiences leave you with no doubt about your place in the world. I came to the Weizmann Institute to study physics and work with Prof. Amos de-Shalit, who was also a pioneer of science teaching. Since then, the Institute has been a natural place for those seeking to shape Israel’s science education.”

“I chose to be photographed on the beach in Netanya, where I grew up and studied in the Bar-Ilan religious high school. We had wonderful teachers, and the studies were an unforgettable experience. But in Netanya kids grow up on the beach, and since then, the wide blue expanses, the foam of the waves and the salty smell have stayed with me.”

Prof. Bat-Sheva Eylon’s research is supported by the Ted Arison Family Foundation. Prof. Eylon is the incumbent of the Chief Justice Bora Laskin Professorial Chair of Science Teaching.