Weizmann Institute President Appointed Special Advisor to Madame Edith Cresson


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Prof. Haim Harari


REHOVOT, Israel -- March 6, 1997 -- Mme Edith Cresson, former Prime Minister of France and currently a member of the European Commission with responsibility for science, research and technological development, has just announced the appointment of Weizmann Institute of Science President Prof. Haim Harari as her special advisor. The appointment covers the fields of science education and international scientific cooperation.

Prof. Harari, a world authority in theoretical particle physics, is a long-time leader in science education. He has served as head of the Weizmann Institute's Science Teaching Department and Dean of its Feinberg Graduate School.

He was a founder of Perach, a nationwide tutoring program for underprivileged children, and presently chairs the Perach Council, which oversees the program. Prof. Harari has served as Chairman of the Planning and Grants Committee of Israel's Council for Higher Education and Chairman of the Israel Government's Superior Committee on Science, Mathematics and Technology Education charged with developing an educational program that will prepare Israel's youth for the challenges of the next century.

"The number one issue today in our society vis-a-vis science and technology is education," Prof. Harari says. "Everybody has to be able to speak the language of science, and the most important issue for the future is to give a certain level of science and technology education to the general public and to every child, no matter what profession a person might pursue."

In the area of international scientific cooperation, Prof. Harari has been instrumental in further expanding the Weizmann Institute's strong ties with preeminent research institutions throughout the world. The Institute's relations with European institutions have recently been bolstered by the signing of an agreement that fully associates Israel with the European Union's research and development activities.

The Weizmann Institute of Science is a major center of scientific research and graduate study located in Rehovot, Israel. Its 2,400 scientists, students and support staff are engaged in more than
850 research projects across the spectrum of contemporary science.