Weizmann Campus Tours

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Fridays in Israel are for errands, shopping and strolling. A series of Friday tours at the Institute, which began in March and will continue through the summer, are offered free to the public. Each tour gives the participants a unique overview of the grounds and the history of the Institute:
Trees and gardens: The Weizmann Institute campus is a veritable botanical garden, including some rare species not found anywhere else in Israel. In addition to seeing some of the more spectacular gardens, visitors learn the stories of the trees and how they got to the Institute.

Visitors are getting acquainted with the Institute in new ways through a series of free tours.

Environmental sculpture: Set among the gardens and lawns, sculptures by Israeli and international artists dot the grounds of the Institute. Visitors are given a brief modern art history lesson on the tour, with works by the likes of Menashe Kadishman, Salvador Dali and Yigal Tumarkin, among others.
Architecture across time: From the Daniel Sieff Research Institute erected in the 1930s, to the iconic floating “spaceship” particle accelerator built in the 1970s, to the postmodern glass-covered structures of the 21st century, the Weizmann Institute features prime examples of Israeli architectural styles covering the length of its history.
Vera’s salon: Weizmann House, on the Institute campus, was the private residence of Vera and Chaim Weizmann, as well as Weizmann's official residence as the first President of the State of Israel. Visitors can peek into the lives of President Weizmann and his wife and see the elegant style they brought to Rehovot.

Institute architecture