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Now in its 12th year, the group chose the play Krum

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Tugati says goodbye to the world (l-r) Tamar Zondiner (Shkite), Itzik Cohen (Tugati) and Uri Korisky (Krum)

The Weizmann Institute of Science Theater Ensemble presented the play Krum by Hanoch Levin. The play’s protagonist, Krum, a 38-year-old Israeli bachelor, has returned to the neighborhood where he grew up after trying his luck abroad. Still plagued by dreams of breaking out of the confines of the neighborhood, and new and old loves, Krum manages to rouse the sleepy neighborhood.The paly a black comedy about life that is funny and touching. 

Preparing to go to a movie, when Tuiti, the beautiful childhood friend of Dupa, comes to visit and shakes up the fragile relationship between Krum and Truda (l-r) Inbal Friedler (Tuiti), Amir Bar On (Bertoldo), Reut Nuri (Truda), Uri Korisky (Krum), Itzik Cohen (Tugati) and Ella Lachman (Dupa)


The Weizmann Institute of Science Theater Ensemble, founded 12 years ago, is made up of students and scientists at the Institute, past and present. Each year the ensemble produces a play; once again, this year the director Irit Natan-Benedek took up the challenge of guiding the group. “To choose the play, we first had reading evenings and tried out several options. These evenings also allowed us to try out the dynamics between us and our connection to the play,” says Reut Nuri, one of the cast and a student in the Structural Biology Department.  

Tachtich and Trude meet romantically in a neighborhood café. That meeting will end when Krum makes his entrance.) Reut Nuri (Truda) and Amir Mandelbaum (Takhtikh)

Krum looks back on his life and the people in it: (l-r) Yael Ronen, (Krum’s mother), Betty Avrahami (Felicia), Amir Bar On (Dolce), Inbal Friedler (Tuiti), Shiri Shemsha (nurse), Hila Sheftel (Dr. Sheboygan) Uri Korisky (Krum), Shlomit Zaharoni-Nathan (bride) Adi Nathan (groom), Tamar Zondiner (Shkite) Reut Nuri (Truda) and Amitai Mandelbaum (Takhtikh)