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Asher Friesem

Returning Light

Institute physicists solve a "hard problem" with lasers and a hint

Prof. Asher Friesem

Prof. Asher Friesem recipient of the Emmett N. Leith Medal...

(l-r) Dr. Henry Yaffe and Prof. Israel Bar-Joseph in the late 1980s. Laser lab

Dr. Henry Yaffe designs and manufactures devices for testing fiber-optic equipment.

Ricky Rapoport Friesem. Poet laureate

The former head of the Institute’s Communications Department is now winning prizes for her poetry.

Prof. Asher Friesem
Prof. Asher Friesem was among the first in the world to become involved in the technology of planar optics. In this technology,...
Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista

Dr. Guy Levy-Yurista uses his background in science to suceed in business

(l-r) Vardit Eckhouse, Prof. Asher Friesem, Prof. Nir Davidson and Liran Shimshi

A method for combining multiple lasers creates a single beam that is both powerful and sharp

Illustration: Biologists and miniaturized humans

Having devised nanomachines capable of manipulating single atoms and molecules and begun to apply these technofeats to modify...

More Bytes for the Buck
To boost the storage capacity of tomorrow's computers, information is digitally recorded on optical disks and read by a laser....