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Simulation of a collision between two stars. Simulations by Dr. Tal Alexander, Weizmann Institute of Science
The scientists tracked, for the first time, a star completing an orbit around a known unusual source of radiation (a...
Prof. Eli Waxman

Particle detectors twice the size of the Eiffel Tower sunk deep in the Antarctic ice may be the next frontier in space exploration

Message In a Bottle

After conducting experiments in a giant ion storage facility in Germany, Prof. Daniel Zajfman built a desktop version for use...

Weizmann Institute Astrophysicist Hot on the Tracks of a New
REHOVOT, Israel - January 12, 1998 - A new "strange" star is suspected to be lurking in...
Bureau Of Missing Masses
One of the most intriguing mysteries of astrophysics is the so-called "missing mass" problem: the mass of heavenly...
Light Shed on Radiation from Outer Space

Could high-energy cosmic rays and gamma-ray bursts be produced in the same...

Mysterious Radiation Bursts Explained

Do mysterious gamma ray bursts take place at the death of neutron stars or at their birth?