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Avi Hofstein

Prof. Avi Hofstein

Prof. Avi Hofstein

Prof. Hasan Dweik of Al-Quds University (left), Dr. Ami Shalit, Director of the Feinberg Graduate School (left, upper row) and students from Al-Quds and Weizmann, participants in the Social Sciences and Humanitarian Affairs Master’s Program of the Sapienza University of Rome, at the Weizmann Institute of Science several years ago

Israeli and Arab scientists meet over chemistry

Prof. Avi Hofstein

Prof. Avi Hofstein is the recipient of the American Chemical Society's Committee of Environmental Improvement (ACS-CEI) Award together with Dr....

Turning Forty
A special conference celebrated 40 years of science teaching at the Institute
Prof. Avi Hofstein
Prof. Avi Hofstein was appointed Head of the Science Teaching Department. He replaces
(l-r) Andrew Hunt, Nuffield Curriculum Center; Drs. Zahava Scherz and Ornit Spektor-Levy, Weizmann Institute's Science Teaching Department; Sally Johnson and Rachid Rkaina, Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme. Skills for life

Exporting a Weizmann Institute science education program to England

Institute and Industry Launch Joint Project

High school students encouraged to consider careers in industrial chemistry