Meetings of the Sixth Kind

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“Meetings at the Frontiers of Science” – a series of lectures in popular science presented by Weizmann Institute scientists and researchers – introduces the general public to science’s influence on medicine, industry, the environment and just about every aspect of our lives. “Meetings at the Frontiers of Science” has just completed its sixth semester; three of its four lecture series were given for the first time.
The program, headed by Dr. Zahava Scherz, Director of Science and Education Communication at the Davidson Institute of Science Education, and coordinated by Dr. Oshrit Navon, has attracted approximately 1,200 participants in the three years since its inception.
In addition to the successful long-standing lecture series, “The Man, the Brain and the Computer – Introduction: The Cognitive Journey,” the topics this year included: “Through the Keyhole – Physics in the 20th Century;” “Life in Our World – from Genes to the Entire Creature;” and, in collaboration with doctors from the Kaplan Medical Center, “Science in the Service of Medicine.”