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Zahava Scherz

Marcel Frailich Kaplun

Dr. Marcel Frailich Kaplun, murdered by Hamas terrorists on her kibbutz, was a passionate educator and a beloved figure at the Weizmann...

Dr. Zahava Scherz

Dr. Zahava Scherz received the Maxine Singer Prize for Outstanding Research Associate (2011).

Meetings of the Sixth Kind
"Frontiers of Science...
Students from the Solomon Schechter Day School, New York. Investigating science and technology
New York teachers' participation in the Schwartz Family seminar leads to students' visit
 Science Gets a Makeover
New  program allows students to experience "real" science
(l-r) Stanislava Sapinska and Dr. Zahava Scherz at the Bendin City Theater, Poland
A diary recently recovered from the floor boards of a Polish-Jewish ghetto has special signifigance for Dr. Zahava Scherz...
(l-r) Andrew Hunt, Nuffield Curriculum Center; Drs. Zahava Scherz and Ornit Spektor-Levy, Weizmann Institute's Science Teaching Department; Sally Johnson and Rachid Rkaina, Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme. Skills for life

Exporting a Weizmann Institute science education program to England

The Color of Success

Everything you ever wanted to know about paint and colors. Now these are the focus of a unique educational program

Artificial Intelligence Systems Developed by High School Students

Israeli students try out a three-year advanced programming course