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Ada Zamir

Ada Zamir, 1972

Nobel Prize winners and trail blazing research have all been part of Prof. Ada Zamir's career

Human (left), Dunaliella (center) and mouse (right) enzymes

Dead Sea bacteria and kidneys share an enzyme structure for salt tolerance

Living with Salt
Scientists link algae salt tolerance to human kidney function.

Life thrives in all...
Four graduates of the Weizmann Institute's feinberg graduate School, who today form the senior staff of Pharmos. Left to rigth: Dr. Michael Schickler, Prof. Haim Aviv, Dr. Cynthia Webb, and Dr. Vered Lavie

Prof. Haim Aviv is starting his sixth bio-tech company

High Salt, High Hopes, High Tech

Dunaliella, a hardy alga that thrives in the Dead Sea, could be a potential biochemical factory

Sun-Protection Mechanism of Plants Unraveled

A gene from an alga known for living in harsh environments could help crops stand up to the sun