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Annual Report 2010

(l-r) Dr. Roee Ozeri, Profs. Adi Stern, Yaron Silberberg and Nir Davidson

Computers based on quantum mechanics might complete, reasonably quickly, calculations that would take today’s computers a...

W particle produced in a collision in the ATLAS experiment, triggered by Weizmann-made detectors (red lines). Image: the ATLAS Experiment at CERN
The hunt is on for solving the riddle of the source of mass in the Universe
This diagram is part of a proof that a certain class of algorithms cannot compute the determinant of a matrix in polynomial time. From the research of Prof. Ran Raz

Where is the dividing line between the possible and the impossible in computation?

Diagram of a hyperbolic surface with infinite genus, from the research of Prof. Omri Sarig
Randomness has always been seen as an impartial, unpredictable method of decision making. But is there such a thing as true...