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Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Prof. Shimon Ullman

Prof. Shimon Ullman: "I expect the day will come when we can write a computer program that will learn on its own how to use vision to understand...

Dr. Anat Levin

Dr. Anat Levin: "Computer files contain a lot of information, and I hope to research their properties to reveal new ways to get at and use that...

Prof. Vered Rom-Kedar

Prof. Vered Rom-Kedar studies systems that evolve over time, plying mathematics to gain new insights into our complex world

Degrees of Similarity
What makes two pictures, or two people, look alike to us? Why does one voice remind us of another? How can we tell if two genes, or...
Uplifting encounter. Prof. Dov Sagi and Prof. Tamar Flash

When Computer Science Encounters Neurobiology: Prof. Tamar Flash and  Prof. Dov Sagi are joining forces to better understand...