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Fractional electron charge

An artist’s impression of the quantum Hall device in which even fractional charges were measured
A new fractionally-charged electron could, in the future, lead to quantum computers
Weizmann Institute Scientists Find New 'Quasiparticles'

Weizmann Institute physicists have demonstrated, for the first time, the existence of 'quasiparticles...

What's The Whole Truth About 'Less Than Whole' Electron Charges?
What is the smallest negative electric charge you can think of? Chances are that you quickly...
Measuring the Minuscule
In an experiment described in the May 20 issue of Nature, Weizmann Institute scientists have succeeded -- for...
Existence of
REHOVOT, Israel - September 11, 1997 - Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science have provided the first unambiguous...