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Jacob Sagiv

Prof. Jacob Sagiv

Research conducted by Sagiv transformed surface science and has led to applications shaping our daily lives – from medical equipment to...


A new method of surface patterning may help create defect-free electronic channels

An ion-conducting nanochannel viewed under a scanning electron microscope

A new method for “writing” tiny channels in solid surfaces may lead to more natural information storage systems

illustration:"Buckyball" discovery
They sound like characters in a miniature fantasyland: fullerene, nanotube and quantum dot. But these and other nanosized...
Molecular Footprints And Memory Squeeze-Downs
Is your music collection taking up too much space? How would you like to pack all of your music onto a single CD? Weizmann...
Shaping the Future

Making the transition from "digging" to "building" -- using molecules instead of bricks -- may move nanoscience out of the...