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Martin Kraar Observatory

Blood Moon. Image: Thinkstock

Israel is privileged to have “front-row” viewings of a blood moon and the simultaneous alignment of four planets

Asteroid Florence

A telescope at the Weizmann Institute of Science captures the path of an asteroid

Before and after images of the Messier 100 Galaxy reveal the appearance of SN 2006X, one of the supernovae used in the study. Photos: European Southern Observatory (ESO)

New findings on supernovae are changing our understanding of these exploding stars

Full Lunar Eclipse at the Clore Garden of Science


This Wednesday evening, June 15, the Clore Garden of Science will be open from 21:00 for a viewing of the lunar...

M51 supernova. Photo: Ilan Manulis, Martin Kraar Observatory

The exploding star, in a galaxy near ours, shows signs of an atypical composition.