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Micha Berkooz

Black Holes, Quantum Information and Fuzzballs
Post by Weizmann Institute physicist, Prof. Micha Berkooz on Hawking’s recent proposal, "There are no black holes"...
Top (l-r): Dr. Ernesto Lozano-Tellechea, Dr. Shesansu Sekhar Pal, Prof. Micha Berkooz, Prof. Ofer Aharony. Middle: Dr. Bartomeu Fiol, Dori Reichmann, Tomer Volansky. Bottom: Assaf Patir, Boaz Katz

Physicists are striving to show that all known particles are the product of an ancient component, which they’ve dubbed a “string,” and that all...

Left: One sting divides into two. Right: two strings unite

String theory is music to physicists' ears