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MRI diagnosis

Prof. Hadassa Degani

Prof. Hadassa Degani: "The advances in this technology have the potential to revolutionize the field of diagnostics. I have...

(l) Mapping the concentration of a contrast material (simulating a drug) inside the tumor. (r) A mathematical interpreation that "translates" the concentration data into areas of different pressure inside the tumor. the lower the pressure, the greater the concentration.
A new diagnostic method can tell whether chemotherapy drugs will get to the tumor
Predicting Success
Weizmann Institute scientists create method for predicting chemotherapy success indicating...
Breast and Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

A technique developed at the Institute for detecting breast and prostate cancer receives FDA clearance

Cancer Diagnosis Technique gets FDA clearance

Thanks to a diagnostic imaging technique that should soon be finding its way to medical establishments, many patients could be...

The Picture Of Health

A new, non-invasive, MRI-based diagnostic method may replace biopsies for revealing malignant breast tumors

Non-invasive Method for Diagnosing Cancer Developed at the Weizmann Institute
REHOVOT, Israel - July 3, 1997 - A non-invasive method for distinguishing between different types of...