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Ran Raz

Avishay Tal

Avishay Tal (in the group of Prof. Ran Raz), was awarded an Adams Fellowship of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

This diagram is part of a proof that a certain class of algorithms cannot compute the determinant of a matrix in polynomial time. From the research of Prof. Ran Raz

Where is the dividing line between the possible and the impossible in computation?

(l-r) Dr. Roee Ozeri, Prof. Adi Stern and Prof. Moty Heiblum. Pushing quantum limits
Can the strange properties of quantum physics be harnessed to build computers?
Prof. Ran Raz

Prof. Ran Raz received the Michael Bruno Memorial Award from the Rothschild Foundation.

Prof. Ran Raz
Prof. Ran Raz received the Morris L. Levinson Prize in Mathematics from the Weizmann Institute’s...
Prof. Ran Raz
Computers can solve complex problems but they are far from omnipotent. Prof. Ran Raz of the...