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Rony Paz

An entire mouse brain viewed from above: Neuronal extensions connect the two amygdalas

Weakening communication between two parts of the brain in mice reduced their fear levels

brain and headphones

Patients may overgeneralize their responses to stimuli, harmful or not

Japanese and Israeli scientists at the Advances in Brain Sciences conference

The Advances in Brain Sciences conference was held at the Weizmann Institute and hosted with the RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan

Dr. Rony Paz

Dr. Rony Paz is the recipient of the Heineman Research Award

we all smile

Monitoring our own facial expression along with that of others is crucial in a complex social situation

memory (Image: Thinkstock)

Why do some troubling memories continue to haunt while others can be repressed?

money on the brain illustration

Mildly stressful situations can affect our perceptions in the same way as life-threatening ones

Jennifer Resnik and Dr. Rony Paz. Differences in perception

A raised threshold for distinguishing similar stimuli may contribute to post-traumatic stress

 a lion. Survival in the face of adversity
A trick of the mind that once helped us survive in the jungle may now contribute to post-traumatic stress syndrome.