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Shimon Ullman

Top (l-r): Leonid Karlinsky, Dr. Michel Vidal-Naquet, Ita Lifschitz, Boris Epshtein. Bottom (l-r): Prof. Shimon Ullman, Eli Okon, Evgeniy Bart, Dan Levy, Eran Borenstein. On all fours: the everfaithful LeilahProf. Ullman's
 How does the brain piece together the signals reaching it from the eye to make...
Science Without Frontiers: Putting the Brain to Work

Neurobiologists and mathematicians join forces to unravel the riddle of object recognition

Why Does your Face Look so Familiar?
A mathematical model describing a brain process may help computers learn to recognize...
Mathematicians Attempt to Design More Human-Like Robots

Brain studies and mathematics converge in robotics research

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