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The research setup included an intake at the top of the mast. The Tara research schooner, 2016

The discovery of microplastics in the air above the ocean reveals the spread of this hazardous pollution

A unique method of shaping the ultrashort pulses enables them to act as “many beams in one”

Giving shape to an ultrafast laser pulse enables new optical methods

UGC 9379 galaxy imaged in the Sloan digital sky survey before the supernova explosion (left) and by the Palomar Observatory robotic telescope and by the Palomar Observatory robotic telescope afterward (right)

Researchers analyze the elements emitted from an unusual star just before it exploded

Photograph of the cave during excavation; arrow pointing to the hearth.

Microscopic evidence revealed in Weizmann Institute labs shows repeated fire use in the spot over time

Prof. Yitzhak Maron. Creating a hot, dense plasma

How does one harness a tiger to a shopping cart? Contain explosive energy in a bottle? And why do it?

NMR - The Movie
Ten construction workers will often get a job done faster than one.  But in digging a deep well, for instance, ten workers are...
Delving In To The Nanoscopic
Weizmann Institute scientists develop a novel method for evaluating ultrathin films. Potential benefits include diverse...