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Spinal cord injury

Prof. Michal Schwartz

New therapies for spinal cord injury based on original concepts proposed by Prof. Michal Schwartz are being developed and tested in clinical...

Christopher Reeve Meets with Elad Wassa, who survived the May 19, 2002 terrorist attack in Netanya. Mr. Reeve is in Israel for a four-day visit.
"The curiosity and thirst for knowledge of the scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science bring hope for a...
Vaccination Following Spinal Cord Injury: Innovative Approach Limits Paralysis
Weizmann Institute scientists propose an innovative approach for preventing complete paralysis after partial spinal cord...
Illustration: Spinal cord injury and repair

Rats with spinal injuries show improvement after immune cell treatment

Weizmann Institute Scientists Devise an Approach For 'Recruiting' an Immune System Response to Partial Spinal Cord Injuries
Several years ago, a team of Weizmann researchers found that immune cells known as macrophages may be 'recruited' to...
The Healing Connection

A innovative treatment uses an animal's own self-repair mechanism to partially reverse paralysis

Innovative Treatment Enables Paralyzed Rats to Regain Partial Use of Their Hind Legs
REHOVOT, Israel -- June 30, 1998 -- Weizmann Institute scientists have managed to partially heal the damaged spinal cords...
New Concept Explains Why Mammals Can't Repair Central Nervous System Damage
REHOVOT, Israel -- September 17, 1996 -- Why is it that humans and other mammals are left permanently paralyzed...