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Yadin Dudai

Thanks for the Memories
Weizmann Institute scientists track brain activity as false memories are formed
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New research sheds light on sudden flashes of understanding.

Prof. Yadin Dudai, Shiri Ron, Shoshi Hazvi, Reut Shema, Dr. Alon Chen and Sharon Haramati. Improved memory

Rats with more of a protein in their brains had longer memories.

Prof. Yadin Duda

Prof. Yadin Dudai delivered the 12th Annual Carl P. Duncan Lecture, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA (2011).

Overexpression of PKMzeta in the insular cortex. A merged picture of a neuron stained with GFP (green), PKMzeta (blue), and NeuN (red)
Memories can be either enhanced or erased through the manipulation of a certain protein.
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Much of memory research involves repetitive, rote learning. So why do the things we learn through sudden insight tend to...
Prof. Yadin Dudai

Prof. Yadin Dudai was appointed as Chair of the Board of Directors of Ort Braude College in Karmiel (2011)

Brave Brains: Neural Mechanisms of Courage
A fascinating new study combines snakes with brain imaging in order to uncover neural mechanisms associated with ‘courage...
Prof. Noam Sobel and Yaara Yeshurun.
Why certain smells can evoke strong memories
Prof. Yadin Dudai

Prof. Yadin Dudai: "Our research could contribute to a better understanding of human behavior. It might aid in the...