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Atomic force microscopy

Dr. Sidney Cohen

A chemist takes on the challenge of online science education

An ion-conducting nanochannel viewed under a scanning electron microscope

A new method for “writing” tiny channels in solid surfaces may lead to more natural information storage systems

Cellulose fibers in the plant cell wall magnified 50,000 times by an atomic force microscope

Observing the breakdown of the tough material in plant cell walls may lead to better biofuel production

Molecular Footprints And Memory Squeeze-Downs
Is your music collection taking up too much space? How would you like to pack all of your music onto a single CD? Weizmann...
How 'Micro' Can We Go?
Microelectronics may be a growth industry, but the devices it produces are getting smaller every year. Just how "micro...
Size Counts...

Insitute scientists are getting the tiniest structures under control

Shaping the Future

Making the transition from "digging" to "building" -- using molecules instead of bricks -- may move nanoscience out of the...